Guadalajara City Tour

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Tour of the most famous monuments in Guadalajara, discover inside the buildings and plazas  picture opportunities, its murals, colonial architecture and its history.  Stroll through the streets of the historic center, where you'll visit the four main squares, city hall and the magnificent cathedral.  admire the rich neo-classical architecture of the buildings before moving to the modern Guadalajara.
We will do part of the tour by walking since it is the only way to access the most beautiful and important tourist buildings.   You will have an expert narrator-guide to lead you inside the buildings and to explain the landmarks and Murals.

To avoid straining your amazement too soon, I reserve the remainder of the tour at Guadalajara City Tour.  At the end of the tourism journey can enjoy an appropriate  drink to recover from the fatigues at a place where local tapatíos are to be found.
Transportation to/from Hotel
Exclusive service by a licensed tour guide
Bottled Water
Departures Daily Departures: Monday - Sunday
What time? From 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where we depart from? We pick you up at your hotel or private address in the Guadalajara Metro area
How do I make a RESERVATION? On line reservation using PayPal or any credit card
More information Phone: (33) 3659 9379
Guadalajara Metropolitan Cathedral
Degollado Theater
Tapatia Plaza pedestrian walk
San Juan de Dios Market (inside)
Inside University of Guadalajara
Centro Magno Shopping mall
Vallarta Arches
Minerva landmark
Stampede roundabout
Expo Guadalajara
Milenium Arches
Modern art Museum
Niños Heroes Monument
Neo Gothic Expiatorio (atonement)
Studio Luis Barragan Casa ITESO
Cabanas Building
Government buiding (Orozco Murals)
House of Fans

Guadalajara Guided Tour Highlights:

Guadalajara - Cupula del Cultural Cabañas
Guadalajara - Explanada del Hospicio Cabañas
Guadalajara - Fuente de la Minerva
Guadalajara - Hidalgo en la Plaza de la Liberacion
Guadalajara - Hombre Pentagrafico en el Paraninfo de la UdG
Guadalajara - Instituto Cultural Cabañas
Guadalajara - Palacio de Gobierno 1
Guadalajara - Templo Expiatorio
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